Fly Corps Aviation is authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to conduct training in accordance with federal aviation regulations parts 61 and 141.  Whether you choose to train under part 141 or part 61, the FAA requires the same performance standards and the certificate you earn in either option is the same.  The big difference is course structure and accountability.  

Most of our courses offered under FAR part 141 are also approved by the US. Department of Veterans Affairs for GI Bill funding.

Flight Training Courses

Private Pilot – Airplane Single Engine Land*

Private Pilot – Multi-Engine Land add on*

Private Pilot – Airplane Single Engine add on

Commercial Pilot – Airplane Single Engine Land*

Commercial Pilot – Airplane Multi-Engine Land

Commercial Pilot – Multi-Engine Land add on*

Instrument Airplane*

Certified Flight Instructor*

Instrument Flight Instructor*

Airplane Multi-Engine Instructor*

Rotor Transition Program

Instrument Proficiency Check

Flight Review

Recurrent Training

Rusty Pilot Program

*Fly Corps Aviation is authorized by the FAA under Air Agency Certificate #5YCS284L to conduct these courses in accordance with FAR part 141*


Veterans Administration Approved Training Programs:

Commercial Pilot – Airplane Single Engine Land

Commercial Pilot – Airplane Multi-Engine Land

Commercial Pilot – Multi-Engine Land add on

Instrument Airplane

Certified Flight Instructor

Instrument Flight Instructor

Airplane Multi-Engine Instructor

Rotor Transition Program


VA Facility Code – 25041711


Accelerated Multi Engine Program:

Earn your Multi Engine Rating in our Diamond DA-42 Twin Star equipped with a full G1000 glass cockpit and fully automated digital engine controls. You will work hard, but you will have a lot of fun in the process. Our program is a 3-5 day accelerated program designed to give you all the time and experience you need to safely and successfully pass your FAA multi-engine add on checkride.

During this course you will fly, an FAA approved Technologically Advanced Aircraft (TAA), learn about the use of power levers, fully automated digital engine control (FADEC) systems, magnetometer, Air Data Computer (ADC), Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS), PFD, MFD, RMI, known Ice, TKS, diesel engines, water cooling, fuel cooling and many more.


Commercial Pilot Program (non-degree)

Students who already have a college degree, and are not interested in our college degree program, or would like the flexibility to train at their own pace to become a Commercial airline pilot often choose to learn under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 61. The FAA dictates the topics to be covered, and also regulates the minimum amount of flight hours required for each rating, Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi-engine and Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). However, the Part 61, non degree program is structured to allow our flight instructors to adapt the sequence of lesson content, pace and learning style to address individual students’ needs. Call us so we can set up training schedule that will help you reach your goals


Recreational Pilot

Learn to Fly

Flying is one of life’s most rewarding adventures. The freedom of flight can offer everlasting enjoyment and satisfaction. Flying leads to fun and interesting recreational, career and travel opportunities.

During, and beyond your training, it is possible to rent and fly nearly everywhere with current qualifications. From our base at Savannah Hilton Head International Airport, Savannah, GA you can travel to many areas in Northern Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida within a 2 hour flight.


Rotary Transition Program

Fly Corps Aviation is pleased to be able to provide a Rotary Transition Program (RTP). The RTP is designed to seamlessly convert helicopter pilots who already have a solid foundation in aviation to fixed wing aircraft. This program allows RTP students to obtain a career with the world’s largest civilian airlines in the fastest time possible.

Pilots enrolled in this personalized fast track program can choose to use their VA benefits, or utilize a variety of different funding options. 

We understand that every pilot will come to us with different requirements. We are here to help you create a program that will meet your individual needs.


Accelerated Professional Pilot Program

Fly Corps Aviation is pleased to offer an affordable accelerated professional pilot program that will take you from zero flight hours through CFI in as little as 12 months. If you are looking to advance your career rapidly, and you have the time to treat learning like a full time job, this program may be for you.

With the large fleet of training aircraft, and a large instructor pool we afford students flexible scheduling.  Fly Corps Aviation has the experience and resources to get you to the airlines in the shortest time possible.

  • Guaranteed CFI job interview with Fly Corps Aviation
    • As a CFI you get paid to build time. 


Must be at least 18 years old
• US Citizens- Current US Passport or Birth Certificate and State issued ID
• Non US Citizens -TSA Approval for Flight Training
• 1st Class Medical Certificate


Fly Corps Aviation’s goal is to create a cost effective accelerated training option.